Heavy FASTMag

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Heavy FASTMag

The Heavy FASTmag is designed to accommodate most 7.62 x 51 rifle magazines. The FASTmag is an open top magazine pouch but has passive retention in the form of a rubber insert in the pouch and an adjustable elastic band around the pouch and can even be mounted upside down.  The FASTmag provides quick removal of the magazine and easy insertion.

The Gen 3 FASTmags can be “double stacked” with Pistol FASTmags or another rifle FASTmag to the front and come in two versions – Belt and MOLLE.  Though both versions will work on both platforms, choose the version the pouch will be installed on the majority of the time. 


Belt Version
The FASTmag Belt Version has an adjustable belt keeper on the attachment side and has no extruded “ears” at the top.  Belt Versions can be mounted to MOLLE but the pouch may tilt forward from the weight of a loaded magazine – not affecting functionality, but not ideal. 

The MOLLE Version
The FASTmag MOLLE Version does not have an adjustable belt keeper on the attachment side but has extruded “ears” at the top of the pouch that slide under a row of MOLLE webbing.  MOLLE Versions can be mounted to a duty belt but the pouch may ride up when a mag is removed, again functional but not ideal. 


***Mags and accessories not included***


  • Most .308 double stack rifle magazines such as M110, SR25, SCAR-17, FAL
  • Can be double stacked with Pistol FASTmags or another Heavy FASTmag


Belt Version can be mounted on duty belts up to 2" wide
MOLLE Version can be mounted to MOLLE / PALS webbing

***MOLLE Versions of the FASTmag can be mounted to MOLLEminus platforms however magazine pouches with the Helium Whisper attachment system are ideal***


    3.75" x 4" x 1.75"
    2 x 3 MOLLE field required for MOLLE mounting



  • GhillieTEX™ IR Signature Reduction Technology
  • High-Impact resistant polymer case with anti-fragmentation properties, resistant to solar heating
  • Enhanced urethane tension strap can be moved up or down for additional tension
  • Manufactured by ITW Military in the USA

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