Quick Release HK Hook Adapter

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Quick Release HK Hook Adapter

The Quick Release HK Hook Adapter combines an emergency release onto a Vickers Combat Applications Sling with an HK style hook for connecting to weapons with eyelets such as SCARs, Sigs, HKs, or other weapons with a circular eyelets.  The Quick Release HK Hook Adapter is also compatible with the UDC Padded Bungee Sling, allowing for greater versatility and the use of the UDC on more than one weapon.  

An HK Style hook is sewn to the female end of an ITW Fastex Quick Release Kit.   The ITW Fastex buckle includes both the male and female ends and provides immediate release from the weapon in case of emergency egress. An Elastic Hook Cover is also included which protects the weapons finish and minimizes noise from the HK Hook. 


  • Vickers Combat Applications Sling™
  • UDC Padded Bungee Slings
  • Slings with 1.25" webbing
  • Weapons with circular eyelets such as SCARs, SIGs, HKs, or hook attachment hardware such as RSAs. 

*** Not recommended for elongated AK eyelets as they may accidentally disengage if rotated at the appropriate angle. A better option for front eyelets on AKs are the Universal Wire Loops or MASH Hooks ***

     1.25" webbing
     5.5" from top of hook to male Fastex End


  • Invista solution dyed CORDURA® webbing
  • ITW Fastex® buckle (contains both male and female ends)
  • Heat treated HK style hook
  • Elastic Hook Cover

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