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Always unload the weapon before installing, removing, or reconfiguring the sling. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY LEAD TO DEATH! Place weapon safety on, remove the magazine, and cycle the action – visually inspecting that the chamber is clear. After installation, ensure that the sling connections are secure and that the weapon functions properly before use.

Parts Included in Air Force Kit

Adjusting the Vickers Sling™

The Vickers Sling™ offers unparalleled versatility to any weapon with the ability to instantly adjust the length of the sling. When shortened, the sling holds the weapon secure and close to the body; when lengthened, the wearer can shoot and fully operate the weapon with freedom of movement and comfort.

Attachment of the Air Force Sling Kit:

10 steps for attaching the Air Force Sling

Final 2 steps for Air Force Weapon Sling attachment


Air Force Sling Kit

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