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BELTminus Version 02 (V2) is an extremely lightweight and thoroughly modernized version of the classic M-1956 Load-Carrying Equipment.  The belt kit concept moves your gear onto your waist for improved cooling and more efficient weight bearing.  A major difference from the original BELTminus is the additon of the formed foam padding around the waist area and laminate strips to improve load carrying comfort and provide shape.  MOLLEminus technology is fully MOLLE compatible and removes unnecessary weight and complexity while improving durability.  Made in the USA.

This Belt combined with the formed foam and the high-performance ULTRAcomp® gives it a high-resistance to water absorption in thick rain. Where older styles of modular belts, such as the SOC-C add weight in water through the padding. In addition, with MOLLEminus technology, not only does it lighten the load: it allows a new style of MOLLE-attachment for gear. MOLLE pouches can be mounted horizontally (sideways) on the belt. 



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