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Introducing the BFG BiosmartTM Mask from Blue Force Gear. The experts at BFG designed a form-fitting comfortable mask with dual straps to hold it in place in all conditions and during all activities. They then sourced revolutionary Biosmart material from Milliken. This new fabric durably bonds an amine polymer to the surface of textile fibers. Prior to use, the mask is washed with chlorine bleach binding chlorine ions (Cl+) to the amine polymer forming a compound called a “halamine”. Halamine compounds have been shown to have broad antimicrobial properties. Peer-reviewed scientific studies have shown that the bound chlorine in halamine compounds is stable to the laundering, rinse/drying cycle, storage and UV exposure. BioSmart fabric has been used commercially for more than 15 years in many applications including medical scrubs, hospital curtains, and butcher smocks. Milliken scientists conducted studies showing that the Biosmart material treated with chlorine presents no inhalation hazards or skin irritation when used as mask material while the halamine compound is effective at killing multiple viral and bacterial strains.

As with all Blue Force Gear, the BFG Biosmart Mask is made with excellence in the USA and carries a limited lifetime warranty.


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