We know things can be difficult and confusing in these uncertain times.  We put together a list of resources, links, and other important information to help you navigate your way through this pandemic. 

Blue Force Gear will continue to operate in a manner that keeps our team safe above all else, and continue to support our fans and professional users that never take a day off.  To see more information on continued BFG operations, see our business notice here

We will continue to update this page as more information comes out.  If you see something that should be listed, message us at Marketing@BlueForceGear.com with a link.  Together we will see this through. 


Article Downloads

Downloadable PDF - Infection Control for Dummies

US Government COVID-19 Response Plan (Originally released by the NYT 3/17/2020)


World & National Tracking


Johns Hopkins World Map



Other Resource Centers

Johns Hopkins Corona Virus Resource Center


US Government Websites

USA.gov COVID Response