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Always unload the weapon before installing, removing, or reconfiguring the sling. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY LEAD TO DEATH! Place weapon safety on, remove the magazine, and cycle the action – visually inspecting that the chamber is clear. After installation, ensure that the sling connections are secure and that the weapon functions properly before use.

The world’s standard in weapon slings - the Vickers Combat Application Sling™ - comes ready to attach to a standard M4 / AR15 or similar weapons. Combined with attachment hardware (sold separately), this sling can be adapted to any weapon and offers unparalleled versatility in carry positions and instantaneous adjustment - all without any webbing tails or springs to fail.

Adjusting the Vickers Sling™

The Vickers Sling™ offers unparalleled versatility to any weapon with the ability to instantly adjust the length of the sling. When shortened, the sling holds the weapon secure and close to the body; when lengthened, the wearer can shoot and fully operate the weapon with freedom of movement and comfort.

Buttstock End Attachment

The buttstock end of the sling is where fixed length adjustments are made (independent of the Quick Adjuster) to the overall length using the two included triglides. Attachment to different buttstocks may vary depending on the weapon, attachment hardware (sold separately), and desired setup.

Attaching to an M4 / CAR / Buttstock with sling loop

Muzzle End Attachment

Attach the Quick Adjuster side of the sling towards the muzzle on M4 / AR15 type or similar type weapons. The slingcan be threaded through standard sling loops or used in conjunction with other sling hardware.

If the webbing is too long to ensure a proper fit, the webbing can be cut and the end seared with a pocket lighter or torch. Careful when cutting - you cannot re-attach cut webbing!



NSN Vickers Combat Application Sling

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