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“On June 21, 2011, my Sniper team was tasked with reconnoitering a compound in order to set up a hide site.

“Once the compound was deemed “clear,” myself and three others entered to do a sketch of the compound and determine how we wanted to set up the hide later that night. After everything was completed I was talking to the engineer who cleared it and an EOD Marine. Once we had finished our short conversation we all turned to walk away.

“I had barely turned when I heard and felt a large explosion right behind me which propelled me through the air 10 feet from where I was standing. Before I even hit the ground I knew what had happened. One of us had triggered an Improvised Explosive Device. Once I landed, I could feel intense pain in my left arm and I knew that I needed a tourniquet as well as some pressure dressings. I reached down with my uninjured arm and pulled out my Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit placing it on my chest. I then unclipped my M4 which was held in place by a Vickers Combat Application Sling. After that I pulled the tourniquet off of my Trauma Kit and waited for the closest team member to get to me and render aid.

“Within just a few seconds of the dust settling, other team members began rendering aid to the three wounded, myself being one of the three. It was because of the extremely effective Blue Force Gear Trauma Kits that all three individuals were able to be saved and I’m able to be typing this email to you. I’m positive if it hadn’t been for the Blue Force Gear Trauma Kits that we had on that day, there would have been a much different result. The amount of effort and speed you can employ using the Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit is unprecedented and is truly saving the lives of service members on the battlefield. The Vickers Combat Application Sling also held all three of our rifles in place even after being launched through the air by the Improvised Explosive Device.

“Just to give you an idea of the force that the Vickers Combat Application Sling withstood, before I got blown up I had a nomex glove, a watch, and my long sleeve Frog top on, when I hit the ground my left arm was bare. The glove, watch, and sleeve that were there seconds before now were nowhere to be seen, but what was still there was my M4 held in place by my Vickers Combat Application Sling.

“I probably would have bled out if it hadn’t been for your gear and how effective it is. Thanks again.”


Sergeant and Instructor

Pre Scout Sniper Course

1st MARDIV Schools