Trauma Kit NOW! - Advanced Supplies

  • Part Number: P-TKR-04
  • Weight: 397 Grams


The Trauma Kit NOW! Advanced Medical Supplies is a compact, durable, and easy-to-open vacuum sealed kit that contains the essential items to treat the leading causes of preventable combat deaths – including extremity hemorrhage and airway obstruction.

Designed to fit into a BDU pocket or Trauma Kit NOW! - the Kit is packaged in a clear bag to allow easy visualization of the kit contents while protecting the items from the elements. 


Trauma Kit Advanced Medical Supplies contains:

1 x C-A-T® Tourniquet
1 x Emergency Trauma Dressing ETD, 6 in.
1 x NAR Compressed Gauze

1 x Z-Fold ChitoGauze® Hemostatic Dressing
1 x HyFin® Chest Seal
1 x Nasopharyngeal Airway w/ lubricant, 28F

1 x Polycarbonate Eye Shield
2 x Pair Large Nitrile Gloves
1 x Surgical Tape, 1 inch
1 x Product Label/Contents Card with 9 line MEDEVAC


***Brands and/or packaging of supplies may vary from items in photos***

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