Field Report: Trauma Kit Use by Good Samaritan

Field Report: Trauma Kit in Action

Good Samaritan uses BFG Micro Trauma Kit Now!
to stabilize accident victims

Always Better. | June 16th, 2022

Garrett Shurling is not a former military, law enforcement or a professional first responder. He refers to himself and his buddies as “a group of guys who like to be prepared.” As a result, he carries a kit in his vehicle that is composed of things he says he can use to protect himself and others, and to administer first aid in emergency situations. Recently, his preparedness paid off. 

It was raining heavily as Shurling was running a routine business errand when he witnessed a car slide off the rural highway on which he was traveling and into a ditch, flipping several times. Shurling was the first person on the scene and stopped to help the vehicle’s occupants: a young couple.

Car flipped over in highway accident at the scene

Photo of Accident

“The man had a pretty deep laceration on his face and the woman’s legs were cut up pretty bad,” Shurling recalls, “but they didn’t appear to have life-threatening injuries.”

Shurling says he keeps a Vertx backpack in his truck containing one of the BFG Micro Trauma Kits and a couple of tourniquets just in case he ever came across a situation where emergency first aid was needed. It’s a good thing because in rural areas like the one where the accident occurred, emergency responders can sometimes be more than a few minutes away.

“I have your kit on a rip panel, so it was really easy to get it out and open,” says Shurling. “Being able to start by quickly accessing a pair of gloves made me feel protected—it was muddy, and it was bloody—and it seemed to reassure the victims that I wasn’t just some [untrained] person fixing to start grabbing on them.”

After breaking out his Micro Trauma Kit, Shurling administered first aid in accordance with the way he and his buddies drilled, wrapping the victims’ lacerations with gauze to control bleeding and prevent contamination of the wounds until the ambulance arrived.

Micro Trauma Kit used to help car accident victims

Blue Force Gear MKTN! in use.

“It all happened kind of fast in some ways, but then kind of slow, too—like everything slowed down” Shurling responds when asked about how a real-world emergency compares to a drill. “I’ve had some [emergency first aid] training from a company called Sheepdog Response—how/when to apply a tourniquet, the proper way to use gauze and tape, when to do what and what not to do—and [that training] was really helpful.” 

EMT Responds to car accident

We asked Shurling if there was anything that, looking back, now stands out to him about using our Micro Trauma Kit under stress. “The way that the kit is constructed with the really big pull tabs and that piece inside that makes it really easy to grab and get good purchase on it, I never quite realized how important that was until my hands were dirty and bloody and really slick. Having the kit designed so well where everything pulls apart like it should and opens up where you can see what you need, that was really important.”

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