Valentine's Day Advice

Always Better. | February <3, 2022

You didn't come here for Valentine's Day gift ideas or Valentine's Day specials - But we can offer some free life advice to help you keep things in perspective.

Girlfriend Cannon Meme

Perhaps you are struggling with keeping a significant other happy and keep buying more "tools" and gear? For this Valentine's Day - we put together a short list of obfuscation, persuasion, and deflection as to why you "have no money to buy her anything nice".

First Step Is Denial

Like when someone points and talks to you - just inquisitively look around and mouth 'who me?'

1. "No this isn't my new gun, this is [Insert believable close friend's name] He's letting me borrow it"

2. "No this isn't new, this the last one you saw, I just swapped some parts and painted it"

3. "My buddy is going through a rough time with his wife and he wants me to hold this gun for him. You know, she's crazy and all and we wouldn't want to see her on some True Crime story.."

4. "No I had this one. I just don't take it out much.  Do you like it?"

5. "I wont this one from an email sign up promotion!  Pretty cool huh!"


Uno Reversal Card Escalation

Make sure if you use these, you need to master the slightly skeptical, slightly indignant look and tone.  Remember, keep a straight face at all times - this will be an old western standoff of wills...

6. "I've had this one.  Why can't you take an interest in my life like I am involved in yours!?!"

7. "Do you know how many guns I have? No? Then how could you possibly notice one more?"

8. "This represents freedom. Are you not into freedom now?"

Desperation Persuasion

When you're caught red handed or your boldness exceeds her will

9. "I am doing this for us.  For our family!"

10. "Don't worry, I'm just hedging against inflation.  I can get my money back."

11. "I was listening to Ian talk about how guns are an investment!  This is our investment!"

12. "It was on sale and I had to take advantage of it.  It would be irresponsible if I didn't buy it.  You know about sales."

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