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BELTminus is an extremely lightweight MOLLE belt kit. It is a thoroughly modernized version of the classic M-1956 Load-Carrying Equipment.  The pouch belt kit concept moves your gear onto your waist for improved cooling and more efficient weight bearing. BELTminus™’ MOLLEminus™ technology is fully MOLLE compatible and removes unnecessary weight and complexity while improving durability.

The concept behind BELTminus, the third product released in the MOLLEminus line, can be traced back to the venerable M-1956 Load-Carrying Equipment. BELTminus is a lightweight and simple load carrying solution that is designed to carry essential 2nd line gear around the waist.  A side arm should still be worn on the pants belt. Carrying gear in this position allows the wearer to more effectively shed excess body heat in hot and humid climates and transfers the weight of the gear from the back and shoulders to the hips where it can be carried more efficiently.

BELTminus is available with 2 different MOLLE compatible shoulder strap options. The Enhanced Padded version is mesh lined and padded to handle heavier loads and all day comfort. The Low Profile version can be worn under other gear or outer garments.

MOLLEminus Technology starts with Blue Force Gear’s proprietary ULTRAcomp™ laminate material which is half the thickness of a dime and 4 times as abrasion resistant as 1000d CORDURA® fabric. The ULTRAcomp laminate is laser cut to create a fully MOLLE compatible matrix of slots and voids that greatly reduces weight, complexity, and potential failure points compared to traditionally constructed MOLLE platforms. 


BELTminus comes in several sizes for the most exact fit as possible allowing for the best gear loadout and the maximum weight savings.  For best sizing, choose the closest size below to your actual waist size.  Note: this may be different than your pants size.  

     XS: 31” – 41” waist
     S: 34” – 44” waist
     M: 37” – 47” waist
     L: 40” – 50” waist
     XL: 43” – 53” waist

As with all Blue Force Gear, it is made with excellence in the USA and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

***Mags, pouches, and accessories not included***



  • Fully MOLLE compatible belt kit
  • Increase weight savings by using pouches with the Helium Whisper attachment system
  • Adjustable shoulder and waist strap can be sized for use with or without armor



BELTminus comes in several sizes for the most exact fit possible, allowing for the best gear loadout and maximum weight savings.  To size, choose the closest measurement below to your waist size, measured using a cloth tape measure (or other flexible tape then measured with a tape measure or yard stick) over the clothing you plan to wear with this belt.  Note: this will probably be different than your pants size.  For example, if you have a measurement of 41”, you would be at the high end of the size range for a Medium and the low end of the size range for a Large regardless of your typical pants size. 

     XS: 32” – 36” measurement
     S: 35” – 39” measurement
     M: 38” – 42” measurement
     L: 41” – 45” measurement
     XL: 44” – 52” measurement

MOLLE Rows and Columns

      XS: 7 x 2 on each side and 4 x 3 on the back
      S: 7 x 2 and 6 x 3
      M: 8 x 2 and 6 x 3
      L: 9 x 2 and 6 x 3
      XL: 10 x 2 and 6 x 3


  • MOLLEminus™ Technology
  • Contructed from ULTRAcomp™
  • ITW GhillieTEX™ Low IR hardware
  • Aerospacer Mesh


Low Profile Model

    XS           262 grams
      S              266 grams
      M             272 grams
      L              274 grams
      XL            282 grams

Padded Model      

      XS           252 grams
      S              257 grams
      M             263 grams
      L              264 grams
      XL            273 grams

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