Carbine Malfunctions Clinic

The JTF@BFG’s Carbine Malfunction Clinic is an 8 hour block focused on skills and techniques needed to fix the F’ing gun, under all conditions, in order to get back in the fight. These skills are essential once your training with a carbine takes you off the flat range and into the field environment – where the sun don’t always shine, and your eyes are better off doing other things than staring questioningly at your weapon when it doesn’t go bang,. This class starts with the understanding that reducing malfunctions must occur with efficiency and techniques must be 100% reliable and repeatable under all circumstances. Transitions to pistol will also be put into context and trained as part of the overall malfunction procedure.

Equipment List:

  • Common Sense
  • Carbine with 3 magazines (Carbine should be zero’d when you arrive)
  • Pistol with 3 magazines
  • The ability to carry at least 3 rifle magazines on your person as well as 2 pistol magazines
  • IFAK and TQ
  • 100 rounds carbine ammunition
  • 100 rounds pistol ammunition
  • Electronic hearing protection
  • Eye protection
  • Water, Lunch, plus additional snack food (lunch will be taken on the range, do not plan on leaving the range for lunch)
  • Weather appropriate clothing (recommend a set of quality tactical gloves as well)
  • Sunscreen / Insect Repellent
  • Pen and notebook (you will be taking notes)
  • Weapon Support Kit (lube, spare batteries as applicable, tools as applicable to function any weapon accessories you might have)
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