CQB Procedures and Capabilities Development Course

The Joint Training Facility at Blue Force Gear’s CQB Procedures and Capabilities Development Course is a 5 day, 50 hour course designed to integrate the CQB individual and small team skills, techniques and procedures into larger team operations.  Students will be challenged with training scenarios in shoothouse and realistic urban structures, working in 2, 4, and 8 person teams.  This course is a mixture of live fire, force on target, and force on force. It focuses on the application of the principles of CQB, intuitive decision making, weapons manipulations and marksmanship; and effective communication techniques and procedures. Individual skills, as well as team techniques and procedures for tasks that are critical to success in any CQB environment will be covered and trained in depth. This course is taught through a combination of lecture, practical application and student teachbacks.  Homework is assigned each night.

Equipment List:

  • Common Sense
  • Carbine with 5 magazines (Carbine should be zero’d when you arrive)
  • Carbine magazine pouches
  • Handgun and 3 magazines
  • Tactical holster
  • Handheld and weapon mounted lights (with multiple sets of extra batteries)
  • Ballistic vest and ballistic helmet
  • Force on Force training PPE
  • IFAK and TQ
  • 200 rounds LIVE carbine ammunition
  • 100 rounds LIVE handgun ammunition
  • 250 rounds UTM carbine ammunition
  • 100 rounds UTM pistol ammunition (if you have UTM pistol capability)
  • Electronic hearing protection which fit under your helmet
  • Clear eye protection
  • NVG’s (if available)
  • Intra-team communications equipment as applicable
  • Team Special Equipment as available (Shields / Breaching Tools / Training charges / Training frag bodies / etc.)
  • Water and snack food
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Pen and full size (8.5 x 11 )notebook (you will be taking notes)
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