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This builder will help you make a custom UDC Single Point Sling.  For a faster turnaround - take a look at our in stock UDC Slings.


Your Sling Your Way

The Custom UDC Sling Builder allows you to make the perfect custom single point sling for your specific weapon.   From unique color combinations of webbing and hardware to hardware attachment options specifically to fit your weapon - it’s all possible now! 

Select your options for sling webbing color, padding color, hardware options and color, buckle type, and lastly “UDC Connection Hardware” - this is the sling hardware that will attach to the rear of your weapon 


Sewing and Delivery

Each sling you build will be custom sewn by one of our expert sling sewers in our Savannah Georgia facility.   Please allow an extra 6 days for your sling to be built in addition to the shipping time. 



Since each Custom Sling is truly unique and made specifically for you - we are only able to offer limited returns.  As with all UDC Slings - your custom sling will be warrantied for life against defects and failure.  If there is ever a problem - we’ll make it right. 

If you are unhappy with your custom results we may be able to rework the sling for you.  For the most accurate direction - call our customer service line at 877-430-2583.  A rework fee may apply. 

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