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The Essential Kit 2 is a simple but durable way to carry all of your essential gear.  Kit 2 uses a Ten-Speed Chestrig as a base platform available in M4 and SR25 / .308 variants combined with a Small Utility Pouch, a Pistol Magazine Pouch, and a Single Ten-Speed Pistol Mag Pouch.  Combined, this provides a light, efficient kit to carry primary weapon magazines, pistol magazines, lights, multitools, maps, cleaning kits, survival equipment, and other essentials from the range to the apocalypse. 

The front Ten-Speed pouches of the M4 Chestrig hold 4 M4 magazines (polymer or metal) or 3 .308, SR25 / SCAR-H / AR-10 / FAL magazines in the 308 Chestrig.  A 3 x 3 MOLLE field is on both sides for attaching additional pouches.  The kit includes a pattern matched Small Utility Pouch, Pistol Magazine Pouch, and Single Ten-Speed Pistol Magazine Pouch.  The Chestrig is adjustable for most sizes with or without an armor system underneath. 

Additional MOLLE pouches can be attached to the Kit for greater flexibility and carrying capacity.


As Seen In American Rifleman

American Rifleman Chest Rig from Blue Force Fear

"One of the most prominent companies in the lightweight tactical gear revolution, Blue Force Gear (, offers its Essential Kit 2 ($175) in sizes specific to either .223 Rem. or .308 Win. magazines since the pouches themselves are sewn-on. Made from a super-stretchy and durable elastic weave, the pouches have no additional retention features beyond the fabric’s tenacious properties. I experienced no inadvertent loss of magazines, but pulling them free was faster than reinserting them. The included Small Utility Pouch was just right for a Nikon Monarch 7, 8X 30 mm binocular, and two smaller pouches of slightly different design turned out to be perfect for a multi-tool and flashlight." - NRA American Rifleman Magazine, September 2016


As with all Blue Force Gear, it is made with excellence in the USA and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

***Mags and other items not included***


M4 Platform

  • Fits 4 M4 magazines (Metal or Polymer), AUG, Gallil, P90, or similar sized magazines
  • Large map or document pocket
  • One size fits most

308 Platform

  • Fits 3 .308, SR25, SCAR-H, G3, FAL, G46, AK-74 or similar sized magazines
  • Large map or document pocket
  • One size fits most

Pistol Magazine Pouch / Ten-Speed Pistol Magazine Pouch

  • Holds one item in each pouch
  • Single or double stack magazines (Up to and including HK45 magazines), multi-tools, lights, or other similar sized items

Small Utility Pouch

  • Fits cleaning kits, survival supplies, range gear, strobes, medical items or other essential items

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