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Oh yes. 

That one article of clothing that fits in everywhere in the world and depending if you're 'that guy' - perfectly suitable for any event.  That shirt that makes a statement without saying a word.  Oh yes, the Hawaiian Shirt.

What started off as a joke turned into custom BFG print Hawaiian shirts for the team at SHOT Show 2019.  The reaction was way better than expected so we decided to sell the extras to whoever was bold enough to make these silent statements and show off that they know good gear. 

The print was custom designed by our very own top notch Product Development designers with the awesome mix of palm fronds, hibiscus flowers, woodlandish camo, and BFG retical logos all in a series of vibrant blues.  Like all of our designs the details are key - with the darkest blue being the same color shade of our logo on top of the page. And for the haters that say it's hard to match the blues, we tested it internally with a wide range of gun types, colors, and materially and it works for everything.  
From there, the shirt manufacturer created a fabric that was then sewn into shirts, not the other way where a pattern is dyed into a complete shirt.   

The BFG Print Hawaiian Shirts were custom built for us and we only have a limited supply of extras from SHOT Show.  Get yours today!  If we can get these sold this week, that’s what we need to get another run in! 


Please note - these sizes tend to run big. If you normally wear a large polo from your favorite mall store and it is slightly big, go with a medium here.


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