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Closeout on all Ten-Speed Side Closures

The LMAC Ten-Speed Cummerbund side closures use the legendary performance of Ten- Speed® multi-use pouches as a replacement cummerbund to the Light Weight Modular Armor Carrier or other similarly configured armor carriers.  Military grade elastic Ten-Speed pockets are sized in cells and can hold M4 mags, flash bangs, medical supplies, or other similar sized items while providing "give" to the wearer. 

The LMAC Ten-Speed side closures have hook and loop tabs install onto the corresponding hook and loop fields on the LMAC™.  The side closures can work in conjunction with the 6 x 6 side plate pockets or as a standalone cummerbund. 

Sold as a set of two. See Applications Tab for sizing.

As with all Blue Force Gear, it is made with excellence in the USA and carries a limited lifetime warranty.



  • For use with the Light Weight Modular Armor Carrier™



Measure from the edge of the front plate to the edge of the back plate then divide by 4.  This is your optimal cell size. Use the 6 x 6 side plate pockets for a longer length.  The side closures can be overlapped or stretched slightly.  Ensure that there is enough contact of the hook and loop fields to prevent accidental release of the LMAC™. 

1 Cell = 3" long elastic portion
2 Cell = 6" long elastic portion
3 Cell = 9" long elastic portion
4 Cell = 12" long elastic portion

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