in Always Better .

About the BFG logo:

The iconic Blue Force Gear logo is a stylized reticle or crosshair.  Reticles in weapon optics serve as the aiming point for the rest of the weapon system.  Likewise, our logo is an aiming point of reference – Reminding us that we aim for perfection, the same perfection for which our core customers strive. 

Non-shooters may mistakenly refer to our reticle mark as a blue bullseye or a blue target. 

Our logo symbolizes key brand elements of BFG:

  • The reticle itself communicates that Blue Force Gear is a brand for shooters.
  • It is intentionally different than any actual scope reticle.
  • The outer ring signifies our global brand reach, the world of our customers, the big picture.
  • The inner ring reminds us that BFG is a tight circle and a family business.
  • Crosshairs sharpen as they near to center to signify our passion for improved accuracy, quality and precision
  • The rearward cant reminds us that we must be aware of the past in order to propel our brand into the future.  The cant also reminds our team that we aren’t perfect and will never achieve absolute perfection and therefore we must strive to become Always Better™
  • The blue coloration represents that our brand serves the Blue Force, the good guys, whether military, LE or prepared patriotic citizens.


History of the logo

Our logo has gone through changes over the past decade.  Longtime BFG fans will remember some of our early logos.  Hang onto those early BFG items – they are collectable now!

2004 - Original red straight logo – Our original straight red reticle logo first appeared on our website in 2004.  It signified that BFG is a company of and for shooters and that precision matters.

2009 - Canted red logo – The cant was added.

2011 - Canted mottled red logo – This logo was introduced during a transitional time at BFG when we had lots of positive energy sprinkled with chaos and growing pains. This logo was appropriate for those times.

2013 – 10th Anniversary sharpened blue logo – Introduced to commemorate a decade of success with double digit growth in 9 of 10 years in business.  It introduced the sharpened crosshairs and is a great example of our improved focus on disciplined iconography as we launched into our second decade.   This two color logo with medium gray and blue was used in product labels beginning in late 2013. 

2014 – Current all-blue logo with Always Better trademark.  To start our second decade we moved to an all blue logo.  This is our cleanest, simplest, most recognizable logo to date and the one you will see well into the future.   To learn the meaning of Always Better™, click here.