Limited Edition Vickers Push Button Sling with Machined Aluminum Hardware

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Special Edition – Limited Run: The Patented Vickers Combat Applications Sling™ has revolutionized the way we carry automatic rifles. Developed with industry expert, friend, and former 1st SFOD-Delta operational member Larry Vickers, the quick adjusting tactical sling is used by nearly every branch of the US military and law enforcement.

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Tropical painted AR with QD Sling in Desert Digital

Special Edition Vickers QD Sling with CNC-machined Aluminum Hardware

The Vickers QD Sling is now available for a limited time with CNC-machined, hardcoat-anodized aluminum hardware and quick detach swivels. These extremely durable and collectable AR slings are a limited run and are based off the original QD sling. They are available in Black, Desert Digital and MultiCam while supplies last.

Padded and Unpadded Vickers QD Sling in Multicam with Machined Aluminum brown hardware
QD Swivel attached to AR push button socket on barrel and quick adjuster

QD Sling Swivel to Quick Adjuster

The front of the sling uses a 1-inch QD swivel to secure the hardware to the 1.25-inch webbing and prevents it from sliding around. The patented quick adjuster allows for instant adjustment when carrying a rifle to shooting position. The rear of the sling uses a 1.25-inch QD swivel, allowing the hardware on the webbing to move and optimizing the adjustability of the sling when shouldering the firearm.

CNC-machined, Hardcoat-anodized Aluminum Hardware

The slings are made with CNC-machined, hardcoat-anodized aluminum TriGlides and adjusters to make an ultra-durable and corrosion resistant “Class A” sling. The billet process involves machining the hardware from a single block of aluminum with perfect precession. Afterwards, an anodized hard coat is applied in either BFG Blue or Brown.

Machined pressed Aluminum Hardware in Blue and Brown
Padding on sling with QD swivel sewn-in detail

Padded QD Slings: Rear Swivel Not Sewn-in

The 2-inch inline padding is made from closed cell foam. This prevents the weapon sling padding from gaining water weight or moving (sliding) in the interior shell of the webbing. NOTE: the QD sling swivel on the rear is not permanently sewn onto padded slings, while the front is sewn onto the sling. However, a machined aluminum Machined Aluminum Burnsed Socket can be added here to create a single-point sling.

Unpadded Vickers QD Slings: Both Swivels Sewn-in

The unpadded version of this limited-edition sling has both QD swivels permanently sewn onto the 1.25-inch webbing.

Unpadded sling with sewn-in qd swivels detail


Mossberg 500 with shotgun sling



QD Sockets found on ARs


Unpadded: 32 to 64 inches
Padded: 57” - 67”


1.25 inch webbing
2 inch padding


CORDURA® Webbing
Machined Aluminum hardware


Cage Code: 3X9S8 | Duns Number: 152028291

Slim Admin Pouch

As with all Blue Force Gear products, the Vickers QD Sling is made with excellence in the USA and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

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The Vickers QD Sling by BFG

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