Blue Force Gear is advancing and innovating at its fastest pace ever. The faster the speed of success, the more BFG is making exciting announcements and mentioned online and through various outlets.

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Press Releases

Blue Force Gear is continuing to advance and make headlines in the tactical and defense industries.  Below are copies of our press releases of exciting news and announcements. 

New Product Overview: Ten-Speed Stackable M4 Magazine Pouches      September 19, 2019

PLATEminus Version 3 & 4 Release       September 12, 2019

New Product Overview : MARCO Training Refill Kit      June, 2019

Product Update : Price Reduction on Marketing      June, 2019

New Product Overview : ULTRAcomp Pocket Holster     January, 2017

New Product Overview : Hunting Sling     January, 2017

New Product Overview : MARCO     January, 2017

New Product Overview : Klaux Releasable Plate Carrier     January, 2017

New Product Overview : Micro Trauma Kit NOW!     January, 2017 

Safariland Adopts ULTRAcomp High Performance Laminate      November 21, 2016

Vickers ONE Sling Press Release     November 2, 2016

Additional Pouches Added to the Load Carriage Line      August 30, 2016

Helium Whisper Receives Additional Patent      August 10, 2016

BFG Receives Patent      October 16, 2013

BFG Introduces Urban Wolf     May 14, 2013

BFG Launches PLATEminus     April 24, 2013

BFG Licenses Helium Whisper to STRATAGEM     March 11, 2013

BFG Introduces BELTminus     March 4, 2013

BFG Licenses Helium Whisper to Mayflower    February 25, 2013

Helium Whisper Receives NSNs    January 7, 2013

BFG Introduces SPLITminus     November 27, 2012

BFG Introduces MOLLEminus    July 12, 2012

BFG Licenses Helium Whisper    July 2, 2012

BFG Hires Smith Products Group    June 12, 2012

NSN Issued for VCAS™ Sling    May 1, 2012



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