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Our Micro Trauma Kit refill is not just another small tactical first aid kit.  Each component was specifically chosen for its combat proven effectiveness combined with never before seen packaging techniques to make them as small as possible.  These supplies are everything necessary to address the “Big Three” when it comes to preventable deaths due to traumatic injury; hemorrhage, occluded airway, and tension pneumothorax.  The Micro Trauma Kit supplies were designed from the ground up around a specific need for an ultra-concealable trauma kit. 

The Kit contains the following:

1) CLEER Medical Trauma Bandage (4" x 24" Flat Packed compression dressing)
2) Celox Rapid (3" x 24" Z-Fold)
3) FOXSeal Occlusive Dressing (Contains 2 Chest Seals)
4) North American Rescue Tan Bear Claw Gloves (1 Pair of Large sized gloves)
5) CLEER Medical Easy Tape (4 - 2" x 12" Strips of 3M Durapore medical tape on easy release backers)
6) North American Rescue ARS for Needle Decompression (14 gauge x 3.25")
7) Rusch Nasopharyngeal Airway (28FR with lubricating jelly)



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