Multitool Pouch

  • Part Number: HW-UPL-03-MC
  • Weight: 33 Grams


An essential part to any loadout – from the range, down range, duty, competition, or in the field – is weapon maintenance and tools.  Even the best of equipment can fail.  Be prepared by carrying the tools to fix basic issues should they arise.  

A long time leader in the individual weapons care space has been Multitasker with innovative and versatile tools developed around the AR-15 platform.  When they asked us to make a custom pouch for their latest offering it was too easy – as we have been using custom made one offs for years. 

The Multitool Pouch was designed around the Multitasker Twist and accompanying bit set to keep the tools secure but readily available.  Roughly the size of a full size pistol magazine, the pouch will also fit other similar sized multi tools and mini tools sets.  The pouch features an internal divider and adjustable front flap featuring the BLIP™ or Ball Loaded Index Point for easy opening with gloved hands or at night.  The MOLLE compatible Helium Whisper Attachment System keeps the pouch light and close to the MOLLE surface it is mounting too. 

As with all Blue Force Gear, it is made with excellence in the USA and carries our limited lifetime warranty.

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