This webpage is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions, in particular it is intended to serve as notice under U.S.C. 35 287(a). The following Blue Force Gear® products or portions thereof are protected by one or more of the following United States Patents:

10,674,804    Load Carrier Systems and Associated Manufacturing Methods

10,281,234    Load Carrier Systems

10,034,536    Load Carrier Systems

9,791,237     Sling Attachment Device

9,737,129     Load Carrier Systems

9,528,807     Grenade Pouch Lid

9,528,795     Sling Attachment Device

D767,824     Utility Garment

9,295,319     Load Carriage Manufacturing

D725,312     Utility Garment

D721,805      Holding device

D710,088     Chest Carrier

8,733,601     Weapon Slings

8,720,762      Load Carriage Attachment

D690,930     Chest Carrier

D690,503     Chest Carrier

8,516,732     Detachable Swivel

8,430,285     Weapon Slings

7,959,046     Weapon Slings

10,674,804   Load Carrier Systems and Associated Manufacturing Methods