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Coyote Brown GMT Sling full Feature



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The "Give Me Tail" GMT Sling

The GMT Sling is currently on Pre-Order and expected to ship later in Quarter 1 2021.  By placing an order, you are guaranteeing your place in production.  Any other items on your order will ship out as soon as possible. 

Sometimes, you need a tailed sling. 

Even though there are now over 500,000 Vickers Slings issued across all branches of service, local and national law enforcement units, and foreign allies – we understand a lot of people use and appreciate the adjustability of a ‘tail sling’.  Blue Force Gear to set up to revolutionize the tail sling in the same way with closed loop slings. 

The Give Me Tail, GMT Sling
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Double Locking Adjuster

Next on the redesign list was the locking adjustment point where the adjustability comes from.  Legacy tailed slings use either a heavy steel ruck sack tensioner that can fail from spring or rust issues or utilize an even lighter duty plastic adjustable triglide used on smaller back packs that can either bee too hard to adjust or too loose.  The GMT Sling uses a custom double locking buckle interface that provides an even amount of tension in both cinching in and letting out the sling while using no mechanical parts, springs, or off the shelf hardware.

Attachment Hardware Sold Separately

The Vickers Sling attaches directly to fixed loop firearm attachment systems. Additional hardware can be purchased and added to the front and backend of the sling for more firearm attachment methods. 

Attachment Hardware Options for the GMT Sling sold seperately
Side view of adjuster tail on sling

The Tail of the Sling

Whether you need the infinite adjustability of a tailed sling, keeping consistent with previous training and use, or looking for something different – the GMT Sling is for you.  The GMT Sling is constructed with the same 1.25” custom nylon webbing as used in the Vickers Sling. The difference? The tail hangs loosely off the sling, which can be tugged to tighten through the locks, and loosened by pulling the knob.

Adjuster & Triglides Build

The lightweight glass reinforced DuPont Zytel® Nylon hardware Triglides lays flatter for comfort while carrying a firearm. The GMT Sling also utilizes a large molded sphere that is unmistaken for any other piece of your gear and is easy to actuate with gloves.

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Colors Available in Multicam, Coyote Brown, and Black

Available Colors

The GMT sling is made with invista solution dyed CORDURA® webbing and sewn right here in the USA. This sling is available in Coyote Brown, Black and Multicam.

Image of Soldiers at night time patroling

GMT Sling by BFG

For those that want a tailed sling, the Give me Tail sling by BFG.

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The GMT Sling:


  • 1.25" webbing on both ends secured with included triglides
  • Webbing can be looped through sling swivels or loops or combined with available sling hardware
  • Fits standard M4 carbines and other carbines and rifles
  • Can be mounted upside down (Adjuster to the rear) on traditional bolt action rifles and shotguns for a "muzzle up" carry Military Applications


  • Invista solution dyed CORDURA® webbing
  • Large molded sphere on double locking buckle interface
  • Nylon hardware : glass reinforced DuPont Zytel® Nylon
  • Metal hardware : Anodized machined aluminum adjuster, phosphate steel triglides

Cage Code: 3X9S8

Duns Number: 152028291

As with all Blue Force Gear products, the GMT Sling is made in the USA from USA sourced materials and carries a lifetime warranty.

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The GMT Sling by BFG

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