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Vickers Slings

Vickers Slings

The Vickers Sling has become the world’s standard in tactical weapon slings – used by every branch of US service, local and federal law enforcement agencies, and by allies across the world.  Long removed from a traditional strap or parade sling – the Vickers Sling is a two point, quick adjust sling with no loose tail to snag on gear or jam up an action and no springs or parts to fail.


The Vickers Sling was inspired and developed with Larry Vickers, retired 1st SFOD-Delta operational member from years in special operations environments to determine the optimal combat weapon sling. 

All of the Vickers Slings are built in the US of US made materials and are fully Berry Compliant.  Several slings hold NSN numbers and are available in several variations to suit different weapons systems to create a family of weapon slings.    

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