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The SOC-C Low-Profile Suspenders were designed to help shoulder the load of a "battle belt" or other belt kit and come standard in the SOC-C Modular Padded Belt System.  With all day comfort in mind, the shoulder area is lined with the same flash/flame resistant mesh that is found in SOC-C Modular Padded Belt and the LMAC.  The back of the suspenders has an elastic yoke that allows some give during vigorous activities or running.  With simple attachment points, the SOC-C™ Low-Profile Suspenders with fit many other modular belts on the market.


As with all Blue Force Gear, it is made with excellence in the USA and carries a limited lifetime warranty.














  •  SOC-C™ Modular Padded Belts or other belts with four 1" attachment points
  • Adjustable for use with or without armor, one size fits most



  • Flame / flash resistant Aerospacer mesh lining
  • CORDURA® fabric outer straps

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