CQB Test on December 12th-13th, 2020

Description: The JTF@BFG's Principles of CQB Course is a 10 hour block focused on understanding the fundamental truths required for successful applications of fighting inside of structures. This course is built around the foundational building block of CQB, the two-person team. Topics covered in this course include intuitive judgment, priority of life, threshold procedures, team communication, room processing, CQB shapes identification and negotiation principles.

Prerequisites: US Citizen or ITAR approved person

Equipment List:

  • A great attitude
  • Range appropriate attire to include eye protection
  • AR pattern rifle with sling
  • Duty gear as applicable to you
  • Note taking material - you will be taking notes!
    * All simulated ammunition will be provided - NO LIVE AMMO can be brought into the training area.
    * AR pattern rifles and/or Glock pistols available for student rental
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