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The Trauma Kit Supplies comprise a tactical first aid kit that fits in the Trauma Kit NOW! medical pouch and serve as the basic essentials for treating gunshot wounds or other serious trauma. 


(1) Cinch-Tight Combat Dressing     NSN 6510-01-503-2109
(1) PriMed Compressed Gauze         NSN 6510-01-503-2117
(1) TK4 Combat Tourniquet             NSN 6515-01-542-7696
(1) Combat Medic Reinforced Tape   NSN 6510-01-549-0927
(1) Petrolatum Gauze Pad 3"x9"
(4) Nitrile Surgical Gloves

***Trauma Kit NOW! not included**

Serves as a starter Trauma Kit.  Professional training is advised. 

Kit is vacuumed sealed in a poly bag. 

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