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The Vickers COBRA Sling is toughest sling available - combining the Vickers Sling with metal hardware and an AustriAlpin COBRA® quick release buckle.  The all metal sling features steel triglides, and a machined aluminum adjuster and the sewn in quick release kit.  The patented COBRA buckle is a safe, load bearing buckle are individually load tested to 11kN or roughly 2,400 pound-force - more than one would ever need in a rifle sling.

A padded version is available for additional comfort with heavier weapons or extended use.  The padded section features 2" inline tubular padding that does not slide or roll.

Unlike the removable Quick Release Kit on the NSN Sling, the COBRA® quick release kit is sewn into the Vickers COBRA® Sling.  A COBRA® Quick Release Kit is available separately to retro fit an existing Vickers Sling.

Vickers COBRA® Slings are custom built to order - please allow up to 3 days for additional delivery.  

How To Attach A Vickers COBRA® Sling Front Attachment:


How to attach Cobra Sling to AK front

As with all Blue Force Gear products, the Vickers COBRA® Sling is made with excellence in the USA, is Berry Compliant, and carries a limited lifetime warranty.



  • For weapons where the utmost durability is required. 
  • The sling ends can be threaded through loops or slots on the weapon or combined with additional Sling Hardware
  • Fits standard M4 carbines and other carbines and rifles
  • Can be mounted upside down (Adjuster to the rear) on traditional bolt action rifles and shotguns for a "muzzle up" carry



  • Overall sling length adjustability is maintained through the use of triglides on the sling
  • 1.25" webbing on both ends secured with included triglides rear, double d rings at front


  • CNC machined and hard coat anodized Quick Adjuster, steel triglides
  • AUSTRIALPIN™ COBRA® quick release kit -7075 Aluminum with INOX & Brass components, 2,400+ pound-force rated
  • Tex 90 bonded nylon thread; we've never had a sling returned for stitching failure.
  • INVISTA® Solution Dyed CORDURA® webbing, with a low IR soft enough for all day comfort, but sturdy enough to prevent rolling
  • Double Super 90 bar tack stitching for extreme durability in combat conditions

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Patent #20080302838, 20130299531

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