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The Vickers M240 Sling is the answer for better machine gun slings.  The M240 Sling combines superior materials with the legendary Quick Adjust feature of the Vickers Combat Applications Sling to instantly lengthen or shorten the sling to transition from carrying to fighting without removing the weapon from the wearer.

Similar to the SAW Sling, the M240 Sling features a larger pad and all metal hardware.  The double-sided pad is 4" wide x 24" and insures that a padded surface is carrying the load even if the sling flips during use.

The Vickers M240 Sling is a 2-point sling which eliminates the potential feeding hazard of a 3-point sling.  The front webbing piece (Adjuster side) is Nomex with metal hardware to resist burn through incase the sling contacts the hot barrel. 

Triglides on both ends of the sling can be looped through sling swivels on the gun or combined with Universal Wire Loops, HK Hooks, or MASH Hooks (sold separately) for increased sling attachment options.

Larry Vickers Shows Off the Vickers SAW Sling:

 As with all Blue Force Gear products, the Vickers M240 Sling is made with excellence in the USA, is Berry Compliant, and carries our limited lifetime warranty.



  • Heavier belt fed machine guns such as the M240 B / G


    1.25" webbing
    4" wide x 24" pad



  • CNC machined and hard coat anodized Quick Adjuster
  • Nomex® front webbing to combat the high heat expected from sustained firing
  • All metal hardware used for added durability and heat resistance
  • No hardware included for a reduced price and more customized attachment methods for individual needs

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Patent #20080302838, 20130299531

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