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Here’s an interesting rifle - the CMMG Mutant.  There have been 7.62x39mm AR rifles for quite some time - this rifle is not one of them.  Two key features separate the Mutant from everything else.  First and most noticeable, the Mutant accepts standard AK-47 magazines with no modification.  Second, the rifle resembles and AR-10 that is scaled down to fire 7.62x39mm - a much more robust design than trying to scale up an AR-15. 

Being an AK guy - I dig this one.  Being able to take a rugged, well used AK mag and rocking it into the new, machined well engineered gun has a nice feeling.  It’s unique, built well, and fun to shoot!  The brake is a bit much but is definitely worth the space in the safe. 

Have one and trying to figure out how to sling it?  Here is my setup:

The gun is surprisingly light for its size so I went with unpadded Vickers Sling and Gray is just a cool sling color.  The back of the sling fit through the slot on the CTR stock and attaches with the two triglides. 

Vickers Sling

For the front, I girth hitched a 6.25” UWL through the slot in the KeyMod rail.  This creates an extremely lightweight attachment as I don’t have to purchase or install any other hardware onto the rail.  It is also very quiet and flexible. 

And yes, I know the BCM KeyMod grip is “backwards” - similar to an AMD-65 setup.  It’s my rifle and I like it so…!