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The A2B adapter band provides an ambidextrous connection point on the top of M16 / AR 15 / AR15 A1, A2, and A4 buttstocks.  This brings the sling attachment point to the top of the weapon, reducing the tendency for the weapon to flip upside down, which is prone to happen when using the standard sling attachment point on the bottom of the stock. 

The A2B adapter is perfect used in conjunction with the Vickers Combat Applications Sling™ or Victory Two-Point Sling™.  After installation, ensure adapter is tight enough to tuck the tag end inside of the attached Hook and Loop tab.


As with all Blue Force Gear products, the Vickers Sling ™ is made with excellence in the USA, is Berry Compliant, and carries a limited lifetime warranty.



Sling Adapter for fixed stock weapons

  • A1 / A2 Buttstocks with sling swivel on the bottom of the stock
  • Some Remington 870, Mossberg 500 series shotguns

***The A2B Buttstock Adapter may not install correctly on some shotgun or rifle buttstocks.  Returns accepted on undamaged Adapters***



  • 1.25" Invista solution dyed Cordura® for steadfast color. 
  • ITW Ghilletex LoopLocs for maximum signature reduction
  • Blued steel D-ring



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