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The MARCO Training Light Refill Pack tops up your MARCO Marking Light Stick Dispenser and gets it back in action. 

The refill kit contains 30 individual 2” marking light sticks in a resealable bag and allows the user to load one or all of the light sticks in a MARCO Dispenser.  Just tear the top off the resealable bag and gently load into the MARCO® dispenser.  This saves time unwrapping individually packaged chem lights and significantly reduces dunnage and packaging waste. 

The 2” marking light provides an equivalent light output of taped up 4 inch light sticks in a smaller and lighter package with less bulk than a traditional light stick bundle on your gear. 

**We recommend using these Refills for training use only.**

Reloading Instructions

  1. Inspect your MARCO Dispenser for any damage or cracking and ensure smooth function of the follower – similar to an M4 magazine. 
  2. Clean any debris from the MARCO Dispenser
  3. Tear off the top of the MARCO Refill Kit and open the press seal
  4. Carefully load the chem light through the hole at the top of the MARCO Dispenser and gently press the light stick below the MARCO Dispenser feed lips.
  5. Continue loading the light sticks into the MARCO Dispenser by pushing down the loaded lights careful not to bend the current light stick or rupture the light stick in the Dispenser.
  6. When completed loading, gently shake the MARCO Dispenser to ensure the chem lights are secure and not rattling around.  
  7. Examine the loaded MARCO Dispenser in a dark room, in a pouch, or under your shirt checking for any glow indicating an activated light. 



The MARCO Training Light Refill Pack should be kept in a cool, dry location out of direct sun light and sealed in the zip top bag.  The light sticks start to degrade from UV light so keep this in mind while using your MARCO Light Stick Dispenser.  





***For IR MARCO or IR MARCO Refill packs, please call to order***

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Downloadable Spec Sheet

Patent 10,577,197 “Magazine for Light Sticks”

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