Blue Force Gear is proud to put the finishing touches on a long time dream – creating a retail store to serve local military personnel, law enforcement professionals, and shooting enthusiasts.  We wanted to create a destination store that carried products we like and appreciate as well as showcasing the full line of Blue Force Gear manufactured products.

Always Better Store

A few years back we summed up the ethos we shared around the BFG office that many of us brought in from our own diverse histories – being Always Better.  This isn’t a boastful claim that we are better than everyone else but conversely a humble approach to trying to become better every day.  Other’s put it as “constant never ending improvement”.  From there, we have been using it around the office and in our material – making it the perfect name for the new retail store. 

The retail store is centered right in the front of our newly renovated 27,000 square foot manufacturing facility and world headquarters.  We have not moved far from our original location, keeping in the Savannah Georgia area – a destination for over 6 million people each year that enjoy the historic southern charm, world class dining, and cultural scene. 



Hours of Operation 

Monday - Saturday 10:00 - 18:00

Closed Sundays


Popular Brands

The Always Better Store is proud to carry the best brands available for the professional and enthusiast including but not limited to:

Daniel Defense

Winkler Knives