Picatinny Sling Mount

Always Better. | February 11th, 2022

The Rail Mounted Fixed Loop (RMFL) has long been a tried and true sling mounting hardware to allow the user add a sling attachment anywhere on a picatinny rail. Many people don’t realize but the RMFL was part of the original HK M27 IAR – the US Marine Corps version of the HK 416 along with the Standard Issue Vickers Sling. The Rail Mount, weapon sling, and other accessories came as a “kit” and allowed the Marine that it was issued set up the rifle as he saw fit. This allows the shooter to mount the Rail Mounted Fixed loop and ultimately the Vickers Sling on either the left or the right side of railed handguard for either a right or left hand shooter.

Picatinny Rail Mounted Fixed Loop (RMFL) with sling attached rigle rail

Picatinny Rail Mounted Fixed Loop Benifits

RMFL with Modified Standard Issue Vickers Sling

A quiet benefit of the long trusted RMFL is just that – its perfectly quiet. A sling threaded on the RMFL is totally quiet – ideal for stalking or still hunting. Even a push button sling swivel can flop around and give that sling ‘bing’ as it hits the rail. Don’t let that be the noise that causes that buck to stop, snort, and high tail it away from you.

Next, a sling properly threaded through the Rail Mounted Fixed Loop is about as secure as it can be. There are no parts to fail or unsnap, and it requires no maintenance. You will never have to worry about an unlubed swivel getting ‘rusted’ in or a failing one accidentally pop out of the socket.

Another quiet benefit of the RMFL – Blue Force Gear replaces the hex head screw with a classic flat head screw. You probably don’t have that size allen key on your person but you probably have a multitool or if really needed – a crushed case mouth – to adjust or tighten the screw. Remember to mount your screw head on top or away from the trajectory of gravity so IF the screw gets loose, it doesn’t fall out forever to be lost.

Mounting the RMFL and Sling to a Pic Rail System

Attaching the rail mounting hardware and sling to your rifle is simple – for those wanting to see a video of this, checkout the RMFL’s page.

Instructions showing RMFL hardware slid on side of rail

Step One

Slide the RMFL down the forend of the rail, preferably the side of the rail.

RMFL shown with attachment screw by it's side

Step Two

Screw the hardware in, tighten and mount on picatinny rail.

Threading the sling through the picatinny rail mount hardware

Step Three

Thread Sling through rail mount and attach.

Picatinny Rail

Picatinny Rail Mount History

The Picatinny rail system is the current rail interface system in use by our armed forces. Manufacturers have created a swath of accessories for use on this rail system such as fore grips, sights, lights and our innovative Rail Mounted Fixed Loop (RMFL). The name itself comes from the Picatinny Arsenal located in New Jersey, which is a US military research facility to manufacture. In 1992, they were tasked with creating a standard mounting system as the US Army was not satisfied with the current market.

The research and development at Picatinny Arsenal would lead to the standardization of the M16A2 and M4 Rail System. In 1995, the MIL-STD-1913, Pic Rail system became a standard system which allowed more modern accessories to be attached to it. So, if you are ever wondering: will this new sling mount, scope, light work with my new rifles rail system? The answer is most likely Yes.

Fun fact: The facility itself and name dates to Civil War (Various changes throughout history, but always kept Picatinny in the name). Picatinny, a Native American word for a peak overlooking the area, roughly translates to “rugged cliff by the water” / “water by the hills”. Which makes sense when you think about the shape of the Pic Rail systems name.