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A Look at the Remington 870 and different sling attachment methods

Shotgun Sling
Mounting Options

Always Better. | November 1st, 2021

It’s a shame shotguns have sort of fell out of favor with shooters stateside these past few decades. Even though they are not always the best choice, everyone needs at least one shotgun in their lineup. From their low cost of entry, versatile round selection, and party-ending ballistics, shotguns have their place. My uncle once asked me - “On the off chance you are attacked by gargoyles, you think you can shoot them down with your AR?” and that’s all it took for me get a few shottys.

Whether warranted or not, a pump shotgun is still widely requested and recommended at local gun stores so there are plenty of scatterguns out there that could be better equipped for when they are needed. Let’s set out to sling your shotguns in this multipart article. Please note: for a sling swivel stud mount, see the hunting shotgun sling

The biggest consideration when talking shotgun slings that we tell our customer service and sales people – you have to clarify, think, and get creative. Shotguns require some ingenuity and often additional aftermarket parts and/or DIY solutions to mount a sling. Unlike ARs or other modern sporting rifles – if you bought a brand-new Remington 870, Mossberg 500, Maverick 88, or other popular model found in your local gun store – the out of the box sling mounting options are sub optimal at best or non-existent at worst.

Remington 870 Sling List

In this article, we will walk through some options and the thought process behind different sling mounting solutions. To make it easier with “apples to apples” – we’ll be reviewing slings on the Remington 870. With over 11 million made since 1950, chances are you have one too. The second runner up is most likely a Mossberg variation which have many of the same aftermarket parts as outlined for the Remington 870s.

So, let’s start with smallest to longest and review shotgun sling options. See our previous article if you are looking for instructions on how to attach a sling to a shotgun.

Remington 870 with single point sling

Remington 870 with Single Point Sling

The Remington 870 depicted was customized with a short barrel and pistol grip then fitted for a single point sling.
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Remington 870 with Molded UWL Attachment Hardware

Remington 870 with Molded UWL Sling Hardware

The Remington 870 depicted was customized with a short barrel and birds head grip then which is fitted with Molded UWL Sling Hardware.
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Remington 870 with Standard 2 Point Sling

Remington 870 with Standard 2 Point Sling

The Remington 870 depicted is using two swivel mounts to use a standard 2-point sling.
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Remington 870 with a Hook Style Sling Mount

Remington 870 with a Hook Style Sling Mount

The Remington 870 depicted here has a hook style sling mount and uses ULoops for attachment hardware.
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Remington 870 with Push Button Sling and no stock mount

Remington 870 with Push Button Sling and No Stock Mount

The Remington 870 depicted here has push button mount on the stock and no sling mount on the stock.
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Remington 870 “Stakeout” or Breacher Style Shotgun with Single Point Sling

“Stakeout” or Breacher Style Shotguns

Ideal Single Point Sling Setup

These iconic shotguns popular in movies and games are awesome. No, they won’t break your wrists despite what the internet tells you and they are not useless. It's great to have one this short to outdo your buddy with the Shockwave or TAC-13. Many of these see use as breaching guns or have other specific special purpose uses.

Hugue Stock with Single Point Sling Attached

Shotgun Rear Attachment of Sling

If any shotgun is suitable for a single point sling, it would be an ultra-short barrel version like this. These Hogue Tamer pistol grips are compact, comfortable, and low cost. They have a built-in sling slot at the top that fits the 1.25” webbing of the UDC Padded Bungee Sling just fine. With the UDC Single Point Sling, you can quickly remove the gun from the sling even if you are still wearing the sling by unclipping the Fastex buckle.

**Keep in mind if you have a Mossberg with a top mounted safety ensure that the sling location does not interfere with your safety operation.**

Remington 870 TAC-14 “Other Firearm” Type of Mini Shotgun Sling

TAC-14 “Other Firearm” Style of Mini Shotguns

Best Compromise Shotgun for Everyone

This is the center of the Venn Diagram. Whether you hate shotguns or love them – you need one of these. A relatively new offering, Remington TAC-14 or Mossberg Shockwaves are affordable and probably the best value of cool / useful. They are compact and handy so, even if you are a hater, this could be your one shotgun to check the box and have for the end times, on your boat, in your truck, or ready for gargoyles.

If you love shotguns, you already have one. With the ‘rocking’ motion it is simply fine. Clint can explain it better.

Remington 870 front sling mount plate to barrel

Shotgun Sling Attached to Barrel

If you have shorty like this – a Scattergun Technology Wilson Combat Sling Mount Plate at the end of the magazine tube is a must have as it doubles as a hand stop. This one came with the 1 round magazine extension that fills the profile out nicely and allows you to thread a Vickers Sling through it without any other modifications.

Shotgun Sling Rear Attachment

Here is an example of a stock shotgun with NO rear sling mount capability. Don’t get creative here – there isn’t much to work with on a “Birds Head” type grip – your best option is a rear receiver mount that goes between the receiver and grip. This is an older Midwest Industries plate but GG&G and Mesa Tactical also make similar options.


Remington 870 short barrel uwl attachment to stock

These are perfect for the Molded UWL or Universal Wire loop and then mount your sling through that. “But wait, is that a Standard AK Sling?!?” Very good observation! You must have noticed the unique plum hardware color. Remember we are slinging shotguns here – don’t be afraid to get creative. If you get a Standard AK Sling, you get the Molded UWL on the front. Just swap it to the back and that’s all you need. Save a few dollars and put it towards the front and rear plates you are going to need for this set up.

Remington 870 Classic 18” Barreled Shotgun with Standard 2 Point Sling

Classic 18” Barreled Shotguns

Vickers Sling with No Additional Hardware 

This is probably the most common version of shotguns you’ll find and want to sling – an 18” barrel with full length stock. Whether in a cruiser, in the closet, or carried in the field – this is your quintessential shotgun.

Remington 870 front sling swivel mount to barrel

Shotgun Sling Front Attachment

If you have a classic 18” shotgun you can kill two birds with one stone by purchasing an extended magazine tube with a sling swivel built in. Remember what Clint Smith says about shotguns – “you will fight with what is IN and ON your shotgun. You won’t be carrying a box of shells around with you”. Two or three extra rounds can be 60% more ammo capacity.

Most of the time aftermarket magazine tubes come with separate barrel clamps with a sling swivel on the side. These work fine. There are plenty of aftermarket versions too. Just keep in mind not all are built the same and shooting and operating a shotgun is violent and undergoes enormous force of recoil and slide operation. If you don’t believe it, just watch The Firearm Blog video on the Maverick 88  in which all but one aftermarket part failed. Sometimes, these loops are on the smaller side, the webbing of your Vickers Sling can be folded over and pulled through with pliers and then threaded through the triglide.

Custom Shotgun Stock Sling Mount

Remember what we said in the beginning about sometimes needing to go the DIY route? This is one of our BFG fill in guy’s 870 and one day without much deliberation he took a metal sling loop off the bottom of an M4 type collapsible stock and through bolted it onto the side of a factory plastic stock. This works amazingly well and is the transition to our next article – “DIY Shotgun Sling Mods”. The moral of the story here – an ugly loop on the side of the stock is still preferable to the single ‘stud’ on the bottom. His gun, his method. It’s secure and safe – don’t hate.

Remington 870 sling custom stock sling swivel mount
Full Size Remington 870 with Standard 2 Point Sling

Another Full-Size Remington 870

Vickers Sling with ULoop Hardware

You might find slightly longer barreled versions in your safe or local gun store such as this 20” barrel or even a 22” barreled bird gun. As everything moves ‘tactical', sometimes it is nice to preserve some of the past by keeping the wood stock and forend and the hig- blued finish. This used to be my “go to” shotgun when I lived in the country. I disagree with Clint, rifle sights on the 870 are awesome – especially when enhanced with $30 Williams fiber optic sights.

Remington 870 long barrel with uloop hardware attached to sling

Shotgun Sling / Flashlight Front Mount

I wanted a light on this one without getting a forend / light combo because again, I am keeping the wood stock and a copy of Windows XP to show future generations what it used to be like. So I installed this GG&G sling loop / pic rail plate between the barrel lug and magazine tube. This gives an easy place to mount the  Uloop, the Vickers Sling and the Streamlight TLR-1 light on.

Remember to test the action while the gun is empty to make sure the sling loop will not interfere with the full forward motion of the pump action.

Shotgun Stock Rear Attachment

Just like on the TAC-14, the rear sling loop plate between the receiver and buttstock is easy and low cost. You just need to remove the butt pad and the flat head stock bolt. This allows another Uloop to be mounted so the sling can be taken off quickly if needed.

Remington 870 uloop hardware attached to stock of shotgun

You can still see the “stud” screwed into the bottom of the stock which will work with a Heavy-Duty Side Release Swivel. These locations would be fine for a classic over the shoulder, muzzle up woods carry. But if you were to try to carry it like an AR across your front, you would find like a standard M-16, the gun will tend to roll upside down making manipulation more cumbersome and will also cause the loading port to face up which can lead to debris entering the action.

Full Size Remington 870 Slug Gun 20 inch Barrel, Extended Magazine Tube, Old Choate Pistol Grip Stock and sling

Full Size Remington 870 Slug Gun

20” Barrel, Extended Magazine Tube, Old Choate Pistol Grip Stock

Though not as versatile as a smooth bore, a fully rifled slug barreled shotgun has its place. Believe it or not, there are places that prohibit hunting with a centerfire rifle. Here is a longer 20” barreled gun with an extended magazine tube and an older full length Choate pistol grip stock.

Again, this is another example of getting a used gun that had very poor sling mounting options. There was a sling stud on the end of the magazine cap and a wire loop on the bottom of the pistol grip. Just like the version above, this would work in a pinch to mount a sling but it is not optimal. You will have enough to think about – even if you are just walking through the woods looking for a deer or a hog. Keep one less thing out of your head by not worrying about if your gun flipped upside down and if the safety clicked off banging against your other gear or belt buckle.

Remington 870 sling push button attached to barrel

Shotgun Sling Attached with Push Button to Front

The easiest addition of a sling attachment method was adding a QD Swivel socket on a ring between the barrel lug and the new extended magazine tube. This allows for it use the push button qd sling mount. Pictured is a more ‘light duty’ model I got years ago but GG&G makes a similar more heavy duty option. Pretty easy to install and usually less than $40.

Remember to double check that your mag tube mounted sling attachment does not interfere with the forward slide action and gives your hand enough clearance to not get mangled in quick operation.

Universal Wire Loop attached to Shotgun Stock - No Additional Hardware needed

This is the quickest, most universal rear sling mounting option- just girth hitch a  6.25” Universal Wire Loop around the wrist of the stock. The loop will be fairly free ranging but will not come off forward or rearwards. Secure, easy, and quick.

Remington 870 sling attached to Universal Wire Loop and Stock

So as you see – getting your Vickers Sling on your Remington 870, Mossberg 500 / 590 / 88 is not too difficult. Just walk through the ideal set up you want and look for others have achieved what you want on forums or an image search. You can buy all the mounting solutions you need from Amazon, MidwayUSA, Brownells, Optics Planet, Primary Arms, or any of the other online resellers if your local gun shop does not have what you need. Go slow, check often, and use snap caps to dry fire to see how your setup works for you.

We’ll take this one step further in the next article in our shotgun series – DIY modifications!

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*We hope that one of the options presented above helps you to effectively mount a sling to your shotgun. Please remember the Rules of Firearms Safety when installing and testing your new setup and especially once you take it into the field.