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How to spot a fake BFG Vickers Sling

This list is to help spot an authentic Vickers Sling, thereby being able to spot a counterfeit product. It's important to understand that counterfeits lack not only the quality and integrity that Blue Force Gear puts behind it's own products, but a malfunction of a counterfeit is extremely dangerous. 



Missing the MADE IN USA on the bottom left of the packaging? Counterfeit.

Barcode: extremely elongated ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||: Fake.



Triglides lack authentic Blue Force Gear markings on hardware molding, such as logo and reticle (blue circle). General observation of squareness to lacking the roundness that the Lightweight Glass Reinforced DuPont Zytel® Nylon Hardware has on BFG molds.

Adjuster hardware looks stubby and only has 3 bars weaved through the webbing, the Patented Quick Adjusters has 5 bars weaved through the webbing along with a smoother corner.


Webbing Details

Is the end of the webbing showing inner white threading? Fake, most likely it's not made with dyed CORDURA and seared on the end tip.


Buyer Recommendations

The best way to avoid a counterfeit Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling is to always make sure you are dealing with a certified BFG Dealer: check out the list here. Alway be careful when shopping 3rd party website such as Amazon, Ebay and other bulk resell websites.



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Bought this sling while in Afghanistan. To my surprise the package arrived in about 7 days. I opened it up to find a bunch of awesome stickers and a beautiful thank you notecard. Then there's the sling, it's just perfect. Strong quality, camo looks great, feels sturdy and reliable. If you are LEO / Mil you NEED this sling. You guys rock!    - Jason