Flapped Ten-Speed M4 Mag Pouch

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  • Part Number: HW-TSP-M4-3-FLAP-
  • Weight: 200 Grams
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The Flapped Ten-Speed M4 Mag Pouch takes the combat proven Ten-Speed pouch to the next level of assurance with a hook and loop flap to keep magazines in place. An adjustable elastic strap cover the top of the magazine pouch and attaches to the front of the pouch with a hook and loop field for even more security against accidently losing a magazine.  


The military grade elastic has bee proven down range and on patrol stateside for over 10 years to create the lightest magazine pouch with unparalleled versatility of what the Ten-Speed pouch can hold.  

Originally designed for buses, trains, boats, and other cramped environments - the Ten-Speed pouch was designed as the pouch the wearer would forget it is there, laying flat with a thickness of a nickel to reduce snag hazards and keep the total weight of the much lower than traditional overbuilt military issued magazine pouches. 

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