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Bringing back one of the most popular BFG T-shirts – the “Go Find Work” shirt remastered for 2021 and for a limited time only. 

Despite the comments or jeers you might get wearing it around in public – the “Go Find Work” saying is not political and has nothing to do with employment…

On the full length Panteo Productions “The Battle of the Black Sea” interview with Msg Paul Howe (Available on Amazon streaming or in several formats from Panteo Productions), Paul recounts the events of the “Blackhawk Down” incident in Mogadishu in 1993.  When his Delta unit arrived on scene of the crash site, Paul said “My guys knew what to do.  Then went to go find work” as they secured a perimeter and neutralized any threats. 

The crew here at BFG always thought that was a great approach similar to the “Always Better” motto.  Too often today people are frozen with fear, overwhelmed by choices, lack direction, and have a myriad of other paralyzing emotions.  What can you do?  Do that and then figure it out from there.  At least you moved off the X from where you were.  Go find work.  You’ll climb the ladder of your training.

The front of the shirt features the GO FIND WORK rally.  The back shows a stylized modern operator and subdued American flag.  The Blue Force Gear block logo rides on the left sleeve.

This limited run T-shirt is produced and printed right here in the USA and features a custom tagless BFG stamp on the inside.  Available in multiple sizes. 

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