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The Horizontal Ten-Speed M4 Mag Pouch combines the tried and true Ten-Speed M4 mag pouch with an unconventional carry position for more versatility in ammunition carrying.  Built with the same military grade elastic as the Ten-Speed M4 Magazine Pouch but with a horizontal orientation to fit on an otherwise unused section of MOLLE webbing on a plate carrier, vest, or belt. 

The Horizontal M4 Mag Pouch was designed around the 30 round STANAG M4 magazine and will fit most common 5.56 magazines such as aluminum GI mags, Magpul PMags including the issued Gen 3 mags, larger SMG mags such as the UMP, CZ Scorpion, and P90, and some AK-74 magazines. The mags can be stowed either bullets up or down and either forward or backward.   


Mounting Options

The Horizontal Ten-Speed Pouch is available in a MOLLE compatible Helium Whisper version and a Belt Mounted version.  The MOLLE  option mounts securely to any MOLLE field including MOLLEminus.  The Belt Mounted version uses hook and loop mounts to secure around any pants belt or duty belt up to 2” wide.  The loops can be removed and reversed for an even more secure

As with all Blue Force Gear, the Ten-Speed Horizonatl M4 Mag Pouch it is made with excellence in the USA and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

***Mags and other items not included***

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