SWAT Tourniquet

  • Part Number: P-MED-TQ-4-BK
  • Weight: 57 Grams


The first line treatment for life threatening bleeding from an extremity. A minimum of one should be carried at all times. Remember that tourniquets are a ONE TIME USE medical device. Never use a duty tourniquet for practice. Training tourniquets are available for purchase.

The SWAT T is being utilized in BFG med kits as a PRESSURE DEVICE and not as a primary tourniquet. While it can be utilized as a tourniquet, we recommend the CAT or SOFTT-W as a primary tourniquet for their ability to be self applied. The SWAT-T should be considered a secondary tourniquet, pressure device for use to overwrap Combat Gauze and as a pediatric and K-9 tourniquet.


Made in USA

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