Tourniquet NOW! Strap Tourniquet Holder

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Tourniquet Holder on War Belt



Airman parachuting wearing MOLLE tourniquet holder


The Simplest Tourniquet Holder by BFG

The most effective and simplest life-saving tourniquet holder on the market. Every warrior, no matter what field of operation, should have at least one tourniquet available. The Tourniquet NOW!™ Strap provides a low profile, secure, and quickly accessible TQ holder that can be mounted on any MOLLE platform. The elastic loops can fit a variety of NATO style tourniquets such as the SOF-T, C-A-T, and other similar sized tourniquets. 

Tourniquet Holder in Multicam
Tourniquet Holder on Plate Carrier's MOLLE section

Easy to install MOLLE Tourniquet Holder

This MOLLE Tourniquet Holder can easily be mounted where 3 vertical MOLLE fields are available. The molded plastic base allows for this device to slide between each field while the military elastic bands expanding outside of these spaces. The Tourniquet NOW!™ can be installed on top of the Trauma Kit NOW!™ - MEDIUM or on either side of the Admin Pouch. It also works on war belts to plate carriers and chest rigs. 

Securely Holds a SOF-T and C-A-T Tourniquet

The elastic loops of the TNS holds a SOF-T and C-A-T Tourniquet. This tourniquet holder can fit smaller sized tourniquets or other items such as flex cuffs. 

SOF-T and CAT Tourniquet
ULoop attachment to sling mount hardware

Looking for a Belt Mounted Tourniquet Pouch?

There is also this tourniquet pouch that mounts directly to a belt (Tourniquet NOW!™ Pouch). The TN Pouch holder uses a Velcro® Brand system to hold in place the tourniquet. With a quick pull of the tab, the TQ is easily deployed and available for use.

Side of Plate Carrier with tourniquet holder in MOLLE fields
Multicam TNS TQ Holder

Tourniquet NOW! Strap Tourniquet Holder

The most simple solution to cary your tourniquet

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TQ Holder on Trauma Kit



Works as a SOF-T to CAT tourniquet holder
Holds Similar Sized TQs and items


3 Vertical MOLLE Fields


125" x 1" x 4.75"


Molded plastic base
Heavy duty elastic retention loops

Download Spec Sheets

TNS TQ Holder: PDF and Power Point


Cage Code: 3X9S8 | Duns Number: 152028291

Tourniquet Strap in Multicam

As with all Blue Force Gear products, the Tourniquet NOW!™ Strap is made with excellence in the USA, is Berry Compliant, and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

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The Tourniquet NOW!™ Strap by BFG

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