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  • Part Number: P-MED-GLOVE-02
  • Weight: 9 Grams
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Trauma Gloves, Nitrile gloves are a staple of any first aid or trauma kit.  As the easiest way to prevent the transmission of blood borne diseases, bacteria, viral infections, or other dangers from coming in contact with bodily fluids – anyone serious about medical aid should have several pairs of gloves for your protection or anyone else that may assist in medical attention. 

All of the Trauma Kit NOW! come with one pair of gloves but we wanted to make extra pairs available.   

Bear Claw Ultimate Nitrile gloves are made of 100% Nitrile which are more durable than traditional latex and eliminates reactions from those with latex allergies.  All gloves are in the Large size that fits most adult men’s hands. 

Additional design features include textured fingertips to help with fine motor skills, beaded cuffs for quick and easy donning and a thickened palm for durability and reliability.

These gloves are available in several options depending on what Trauma Kit NOW! or other medical kit these are going in - The pair of gloves are rolled/ folded and wrapped with a paper “napkin ring” that makes the form factor of the gloves better for some kit configurations. 


Made in USA

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