Medical Shears

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  • Part Number: P-MED-SHEARS
  • Weight: 9 Grams
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Built for medical professionals to other first responders – shears provide the best ability to get the job done when needed: whether cutting flex cuffs to removing clothing to seatbelt to provide medical treatment. These shears fit great inside our Medium Trauma Kit NOW!™ to the Large Trauma Kit NOW!™.

Trauma Shears:

These stainless steel trauma shear are 7.25” length. These shears are the best method for removing flex cuffs in lieu of using knives or other items likely to injure a prisoner. They also can cut through denim, leather, other heavy fabrics or even a penny

Tactical Trauma Shears:

Tactical Trauma shears are designed to cut away seatbelts, clothing, gear or anything else obstructing access to a patient’s injuries. Also useful for removing flex cuffs, opening MRE’s or other tasks safely and without injury. These 7.25” all black stainless steel trauma shear are slightly heavier duty construction than the more economical Trauma Shears.

Multi-Purpose Shears:

These Multi-Purpose heavy duty stainless steel shears, silver in color with black handles, have a flat screwdriver tip, bottle opener, serrated edge for cutting and grip points inside shear arms to open bottles and other items. They also disassemble for cleaning.


Made in Pakistan

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