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High-Performance Laminate

Blue Force Gear’s proprietary high-performance laminate, ULTRAcomp®, far exceeds the military standard air textured nylon in tear and abrasion resistance. Its hydrophobic (liquid shedding) features allow products to stay dry and light while air textured nylon retains water and gets even heavier when wet.

When America’s Elite go to work, they demand the best. Blue Force Gear has answered that call by blending art and science to create a truly unique material - ULTRAcomp®. ULTRAcomp® combines the properties of a rubber-based laminate - resistance to tears, abrasion, water absorption, flame resistance, bacteria and fungus - and added a Cordura® fabric facing for infinite colors, patterns and reduced IR signature. The sum is greater than its individual parts. The combined strength of the two materials allows our designers to push the limits on weight savings while exceeding established standards of strength and durability.


Retains less water weight after submerged in water compared to competitor material.


The material is not only flame resistant, it is able to self-extinguish.



Outer layer consists of Cordura with inner proprietary layers and a rubberized backing.


This material allows for precession in construction for quality & to retain strength: less parts & failures.


Low Dynamic Absorption

*Percent of Weight Increase After Submerged in Water.

Material Increase
ULTRAcomp 5.6%
Squadron 11%
500D® 15%
1000D® 18%
---- 0
---- 0
---- 0
 Lighter by: (Up to) 12.4%

Exceeding Tear Values

*How many LBS it takes to warp/tear the material

Material Pounds
ULTRAcomp 134
Squadron 42.6
500D® 14.1
1000D® 55.5
---- 0
---- 0
---- 0
Stronger by: 78.5 lbs

Military ULTRAcomp Gear on table being prepped

Modern Military Gear - One Fused Laminate

Modern tactical gear starts with ULTRAcomp®, which combines the durability of a polymer-based laminate with the benefits of a Cordura® face fabric. This is a case where the sum is greater than the parts in creating a unique material resistant to tear, abrasion and water all while reducing IR signature in any number of colors and camouflage patterns.

Modern Military Gear - One Fused Laminate
A Solid MOLLE Pouch Attachment System

A Solid MOLLE Pouch Attachment System

ULTRAcomp® brings the Helium Whisper® pouch attachment system to the next level by revolutionizing the load carriage system. ULTRAcomp® allows the Helium Whisper attachment system to be laser cut from a single sheet. Less parts and a longer life span, providing warriors with the quality they deserve.

Creating Superior Plate Carriers, Battle Belts, and Pouches

Plate Carriers, Battle Belts, Pouches and more – stronger and lighter becomes possible with ULTRAcomp. The clear advantage of computer-controlled laser cutting allows for more accurate, more intricate and more efficient gear designs. Less sewn parts, less material and less potential failure points. UltraComp does more with less.

Creating Superior Plate Carriers, Battle Belts, and Pouches
Modern Warrior Preparing for training
ULTRAcomp Plate Carrier

High Performance Laminate

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Blue Force Gear is not satisfied with making the same thing as everyone else - merely changing the color or style. We design by a code of advancement - if we can't make something better than what is currently available, we don't make it. By continually innovating, our products will always be different.

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Bought this sling while in Afghanistan. To my surprise the package arrived in about 7 days. I opened it up to find a bunch of awesome stickers and a beautiful thank you notecard. Then there's the sling, it's just perfect. Strong quality, camo looks great, feels sturdy and reliable. If you are LEO / Mil you NEED this sling. You guys rock!    - Jason