Vickers 221 Sling

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  • Part Number: VCAS-2TO1-
  • Weight: 177 Grams
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Vickers 221 Sling Burnsed QD Socket



Padded Vickers 221 Sling in Jungle


The Vickers 221 Sling

While 2-point slings are ideal for most situations, there are times, like deploying from a vehicle or fighting in complex structures, when a 1-point sling has a clear advantage. Combining our new polymer Burnsed Socket and patented RED Swivel, the Vickers 221 Sling allows users to switch from 2-point to 1-point mode instantly by pulling on the RED Swivel knob and reinserting it in to the Burnsed Socket at the rear of the receiver. The instantaneous adjustability of the sling is still maintained in both single and 2 point modes.

The Vickers 221 Sling showing two-point to one-point configuration
Quick Adjuster - Contrating Pull Tab on a Vickers 221 Sling in Coyote Brown

The Quick Adjuster - Contrasting Pull Tab

Able to quickly transition from carrying a slung rifle comfortably to combat ready, the patent pending Quick Adjuster has bridged the gap between the two primary uses of weapon slings – from transporting to fighting. All Vickers 221 Slings™ are built with precision and pride right here at home in the US with superior materials.

Attachment Hardware: RED™ Swivel or Push Button

Constructed similar to the world’s standard Vickers Combat Applications Sling™, a RED™ Swivel is sewn to the front of the sling towards the muzzle. A standard push button swivel and new molded Burnsed Socket are woven onto the rear allowing full adjustability of the sling for use with or without body armor.

The 221™ Sling fits any weapon with two QD sling swivel sockets with the rear socket towards the end of the receiver. For SCARS, Sigs, HKs, or other weapon systems with eyelets at the rear of the receiver, a Universal Wire Loop with Push Button Socket can be added instead of the included push button socket. 

Vickers 221 Sling examples of attachment hardware: RED Swivel or Push Button
Sewn in the USA detail of quality

Sewn in the USA

At Blue Force Gear, our slings are sewn right here in the USA. We take great pride in American Manufacturing and the attention to details our experts provide. From the quality of material to sewn in details, the Vickers 221 Sling comes with lifetime warranty. 

Adjuster & Triglides Build

The all new Nylon Hardware version features all newly designed DuPont Zytel® nylon - which is lighter, stronger, and more flexible than traditional plastic sling hardware. The majority of the BFG slings shipped to the US Military feature Nylon Hardware. If you're interested in metal version of this sling, check out the Custom Vickers Sling Builder to make one.

Adjuster & Triglide Build shown on a Vickers 221 Sling
Padded version of sling shown in coyote brown

Optional Padded Version

The comfortable 2” inline pad doesn’t move up or down the sling and is made from closed cell foam that won’t separate or gain water weight.

Medical Ranger shown with Vickers Sling
Padded Vickers 221 Sling Coyote brown

Vickers 221 Sling

Go from 2 point to 1 point cary instantly

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Vickers 221 RED Swivel Sling:


Overall sling length adjustability is maintained through the use of Acetal triglides on the sling

Sling Build:

  • 1.25" sling webbing
  • 2.00" tubular webbing with closed cell foam padding for padded models
  • Invista solution dyed CORDURA® webbing
  • ITW GhilleTex™ Acetal hardware - a military grade, low IR plastic

Military Applications

Cage Code: 3X9S8

Duns Number: 152028291

RED™ Swivel Build:

  • Machined steel, phosphated for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Nylon coated, double crimped directly to 7 strand stainless steel aircraft cable
  • Textured sphero-conical shaped pull knob
  • Stainless Steel internals


Weapons with two Push Button Sling Swivel sockets at the front and rear of the weapon
***For weapons with eyelets at the rear of the receiver (SCAR, Sig, HK), add a Universal Wire Loop with Push Button Socket to the rear of the sling.

#20080302838, 20130299531


Extra Videos & More

The Vickers Sling Quick Adjuster In-Use video shows how quickly sling can be changed from cary to firing here. Additionally, there is a simple overview of the Quick Release, 221, and Tension.

For special colors and patterns - such as Safety Orange, Multicam Arid to name a few – take a look at the Custom Sling Builder for the most up to date availability of colors, patterns, and hardware.

As with all Blue Force Gear products, the Vickers 221 Sling™ is made with excellence in the USA, is Berry Compliant, and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

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The Vickers 221 Sling by BFG

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