Single Point Sling

Always Better. | April 5th, 2022

Single point slings are not for everyone, but that did not stop us from making the most comfortable and versatile one point sling available. We know some say single point slings are pointless, cumbersome, or ineffective. We also know a lot of guys still use them because that is what they have trained with, that is required by their command, or they have a unique role for them. So, for those guys – let’s show how we have fit a UDC sling on almost any weapon system.

Little known fact: the Blue Force Gear UDC Sling predates the tried and true two point Vickers Sling by a year or so. Like the Vickers Sling, the UDC Sling has received several updates to its materials and construction over the years making it still useful and relevant today.

UDC Single Point Sling on an AR, MPX, MP5, AK, CZ Scorpion, PPS-43, Rem Model 700, Shotgun, and AR 15

The UDC Single Point Sling is designed and built with the same level of thought and innovation as the weapon it is attached to. Not just a simple webbing strap, the body of the UDC is made from 2” tubular padded webbing that reduces rolling and separation and has two sections of bungee, one on each side, to help reduce shock load while running or performing other strenuous activities. You can read the full list of features and options and order your UDC Sling here, but we wanted to take the time to expand on the most overlooked feature and why it is called the UDC Sling – User Determined Connection.

Threaded captive on the UDC Sling is a male Fastex® buckle that serves two primary functions. The first is to allow an emergency quick release for removing the weapon during egress, vehicle, or other situations where you would need to ditch the weapon or allow greater movement. The second function of the Fastex buckle is for operators who prefer to wear just one sling and clip different weapons on and off based on the mission needs. Each UDC Sling comes with your choice of one of three Quick Release Attachments. By leaving the male part of the Quick Release Attachment connected to the sling and female part connected to each host weapon, you can quickly and easily swap out weapons on the same sling. This is done so with additional Quick Release Attachment accessories.

This article shows the versatility of the UDC Single Point Sling and the wide range of weapon systems that it can support.

Keep in mind these are personal weapons and sling setups and do not represent an official Blue Force Gear position. Some weapons shown are NFA items with all appropriate registration.

Multiple Single Point Sling Mount Options

Single Point Sling Push Button Attachment

Push Button Attachment

The Push Button single point sling attachment works great on an AR15, MPX, MP5 and more. This works where a PB QD Socket is found on the endplates / buttstock of the gun.

Single Point Sling Hook Attachment

Sling Snap Hook Attachment

The Sling Snap Hook attachment is the clamp on single point sling mount and shown used here on an AR15. This fits endplates with eyelet loops and comes with an elastic Hook Cover.

Single Point Sling Strap Attachment

Standard Strap Attachment

The Strap Adapter is an all-around great solution for attaching directly to sling swivels or adding your own custom hardware. We show this in use on the Rem Model 700, Uzi Pistol, Polish PPS-43, CZ Scorpion, Shotgun, and an AK.

UDC Single Point Sling on COLT AR CARBINE

Colt AR Carbine with Single Point Sling

Push Button Attachment on Colt AR Carbine

Colt AR Push Button Attachment Point

The best spot for a single point sling attachment Push Button on an AR is right at the rear of the receiver often times with an aftermarket “end plate”. This one is the older Noveske QD End Plate that is a better choice than a QD socket on the buttstock as that would cause the weapon to hang too low to be effectively slung.

Remember: do not strap or tape or add anything to the buffer tube itself as that might interfere with the operation of the charging handle!

Sig MPX with UDC Single Point Sling

Sig MPX with UDC Single Point Sling

Push Button Attachment to Sig MPX

Sig MPX Push Button Attachment Point

Very similar to the above Colt SBR, the Sig MPX comes with a QD socket on the bottom of the receiver that sill allows a folding stock or brace to be used – a very nice design upgrade over the standard M4 / AR15 lower.

SMG MP5 with UDC Single Point Sling

SMG MP5 with UDC Single Point Sling

Push Button Attachment to MP5

MP5 Push Button Attachment Point

This H&K SP5 Pistol (the commercial semi auto version of the well-loved HK MP5) is sporting the telescoping brace from Safety Harbor Firearms. Not only is this brace system half the weight of the current HK A3 “F” collapsible stock, it has a QD socket on each side in the perfect position for the Single Point Sling.

The factory “end cap” has a rotating swivel that will fit a Strap Adapter. The same is true of the factory collapsible stock that has the sling loop welded on the end cap.

AR15 pistol with UDC Single Point Sling

AR-15 Pistol with UDC Single Point Sling

Sling Snap Hook Attachment to AR15 pistol

AR15 Sling Snap Hook Attachment Point

This AR15 pistol features the SB Tactical SBPDW™ collapsible brace, one of the cooler “braces” out there. There is a removable end plate that hangs down that can fit a QD Swivel or an HK style Snap Hook Adapter as shown.

Remington 700 CP Pistol with UDC Single Point Sling

Remington 700 CP Pistol with UDC Single Point Sling

Sling Snap Hook Attachment to Remington 700 CP Pistol

Remington 700 CP Pistol Custom Hardware Sling Attachment Point: UWL & Strap Adapter

There are very few of these in the wild. As a result, this was the most creative sling setup for this article. My consigliere added a MDT folding stock adapter that he had custom machined to fit the 700 CP with a buffer tube and Gear Head Works Mod 1. With no easy mounting points for a single point sling, we girth hitched a longer 6.25” Universal Wire Loop around the folding mechanism out of the way of the bolt travel and then attached a Strap Adapter to the UWL.

This gun is quite big and heavy for a “pistol” being a bolt action .308, but we set this up to demonstrate the versatility of the Blue Force Gear sling solutions and a little bit of ingenuity needed when modifying your firearms to fit your needs.

Vector Arms Uzi Pistol with UDC Single Point Sling

Vector Arms Uzi with UDC Single Point Sling

Sling Swivel Attachment to Uzi Pistol

Uzi Sling Swivel Attachment Point

It seems as if you never see pictures of Uzis with a sling on them. They are easy enough to sling with a Single Point Sling with either the folding metal stock or the fixed wood stock.

Let’s go ahead and preempt the “Why is the grip safety taped down?!” comment. Larry Vickers has the reason and he’s not wrong. It helps prevent a malfunction when engaging a target.

Polish PPS-43 with UDC Single Point Sling

Polish PPS-43 with UDC Single Point Sling

 Molded UWL & Strap Adapter Attachment to Polish PPS-43

Polish PPS43 Custom Hardware Sling Attachment Point: Molded UWL & Strap Adapter

Here are very thin sling loops on the front and rear of the PPS43, much like other older Soviet style guns that used leather ends as mounting attachments that are then sewn or looped onto webbing slings. They are bit too cramped for the 1.25” webbing of the Strap Adapter so we used a Molded UWL to connect to the Strap Adapter.

CZ Scorpion Evo 3 with UDC Single Point Sling

CZ Scorpion Evo 3 with UDC Single Point Sling

ULoop & Strap Adapter Attachment to CZ Scorpion

CZ Scorpion Evo 3 Custom Hardware Sling Attachment Point: ULoop & Strap Adapter

There is a reason these things have such a following: it is a plastic blowback MP5 or what the HK UMP should have been. There is a HK style mini sling eyelet in the perfect spot on both sides of the receiver that will fit the Uloop perfectly. You can also fit a UWL through the eyelet but it will be tight.

Rem 870 Short Barrel Shotgun with UDC Single Point Sling

870 Short Barrel Shotgun with UDC Single Point Sling

ULW & Strap Adapter Attachment to Rem 870 Short Barrel Shotgun Buttstock

870 Short Barrel Shotgun Custom Hardware Sling Attachment Point: UWL & Strap Adapter

Everyone loves a good “sawed off” SBS even if you are not a shotgun guy. As we mentioned in the previous article, the various receiver end plates are ideal for mounting a sling to a non-traditional shotgun like this. But if you wanted a temporary solution, the 6.25” Universal Wire Loop was designed to be long enough to girth hitch around the wrist of the stock. You will feel it in your hand and it will have more movement to it, but for an expedient sling mount that is probably the most secure of all others – it is an excellent solution.

Yugo M92 with UDC Single Point Sling

Yugo M92 with UDC Single Point Sling

ULW & Strap Adapter Attachment to Shotgun Buttstock

Yugo M92 Sling Swivel Attachment Point

Another returning favorite: the Franken Yugo M92 pistol with a Czech VZ58 Folding Stock converted to brace but it will never be a real Krinkov. We also have a dedicated article on AK Sling options with the Yugo here.

As we mentioned before about the AK family, almost all the folding stocks will have a sling loop at the end of the receiver in the ideal position and this VZ-58 stock no exception. The Strap Adapter fits nicely through the loop and does not interfere with the folding mechanism.

If you have a fixed stock, you could use the above method with the shotgun and use a long UWL.