Lighten the Load™

Lightest Load Carriage System

MOLLEminus is a revolutionary load carriage platform that is fully MOLLE compatible while being the lightest on the market. The same way we made the lightest MOLLE pouch attachment - Helium Whisper™ - system with one piece Helium Whisper backers, MOLLEminus™ is a MOLLE compatible platform constructed out of one piece of ULTRAcomp™ The MOLLE field has been changed to all slots which gives greater flexibility in mounting pouches and maximum signature reduction without having another layer of material underneath.



Less parts and better material allows for a lighter Plate Carrier system.


Built with one sheet of the high-performance laminate ULTRAcomp.



Compatible with Helium Whisper & Traditional MOLLE attachment systems.


The slot and void grid is achieved by laser cutting a single piece of ULTRAcomp® with extreme precision.  Deceivingly light and thin, ULTRAcomp is stronger and more abrasion resistant than the military proven 1000d CORDURA all with half the thickness of a dime.  ULTRAcomp is inherently anti-microbial and hydrophobic – keeping the chest rig or belt kit dry and light when worn close to the body. 


Molleminus Plate Carrier

Laser Precession Cut MOLLE Fields

MOLLE fields cut with lasers is not only amazing, it allows for a more precise reproduction and quality found in MOLLEminus™ products. From Chest Rigs, Plate Carriers, Battle Belts, to Stackable Pouches – this fully MOLLE compatible system allows for a more successful and longer lasting MOLLE system. This is because there are no field loops that are sewn on and typically tear over time – it's a new technology.

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CHLK Belt Overview

Lighten the Load™ – Combine with BFG MOLLE Pouch Tech

Combining both BFG MOLLE Pouches, which contain the patented technology Helium Whisper® backer, with MOLLEminus™ technology creates one of the lightest load carriage systems on the market. The use of the proprietary material, ULTRAcomp®, on both systems allows for fewer parts to be needed with the incredibly strong material used. The material is also hydrophobic: which allows for greater weight resistance in hostile outdoor environments – the last thing anyone needs is a Plate Carrier being weighed down by rain.

A Minimal and Modern Chest Rig

With the use of ULTRAcomp®, this high performance laminate allows for one sheet of material to be laser cut into MOLLE fields that create a minimal and modern Chest Rig. This MOLLEminus™ technology is what truly helps the modern warrior succeed through having the best gear available to their service and expectations.

Stackable Ten-Speed M4 Mag Pouch
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Built with ULTRAcomp®

Blue Force Gear’s proprietary high performance laminate

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Lighten The Load

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Bought this sling while in Afghanistan. To my surprise the package arrived in about 7 days. I opened it up to find a bunch of awesome stickers and a beautiful thank you notecard. Then there's the sling, it's just perfect. Strong quality, camo looks great, feels sturdy and reliable. If you are LEO / Mil you NEED this sling. You guys rock!    - Jason