MOLLEminus is a revolutionary load carriage platform that is fully MOLLE compatible while being the lightest on the market.  The same way we made the lightest MOLLE pouch attachment system with one piece Helium Whisper backers, MOLLEminus™ is a MOLLE compatible platform constructed out of one piece of ULTRAcomp. 


Slots and Voids

While traditional MOLLE vests, armor carriers, packs, and belts use nylon webbing rows sewn onto a base fabric layer, MOLLEminus™ achieves the same “MOLLE grid” using slots and voids to create an integral MOLLE platform. 



The slot and void grid is achieved by laser cutting a single piece of ULTRAcomp™ with extreme precision.  Deceivingly light and thin, ULTRAcomp™ is stronger and more abrasion resistant than the military proven 1000d CORDURA all with half the thickness of a dime.  ULTRAcomp™ is inherently anti-microbial and hydrophobic – keeping the chest rig or belt kit dry and light when worn close to the body. 


MOLLEminus Platforms

You don’t have to wait for these huge weight savings – MOLLEminus™ is available today in various platforms and configurations.

                RACKminus – The first MOLLEminus platform, a 12 column chestrig
                SPLITminus – A split front chestrig
                BELTminus – A belt kit complete with suspenders
                PLATEminus – An ultralight, low profile armor carrier
                PLATEminus 2 – A full feature PLATEminus with cummerbund and side plate pockets


Further Weight Reduction

For even greater weight savings, pair a MOLLEminus platform with Helium Whisper pouches.  This reduces bulk and weight even more than using MOLLEminus or Helium Whisper alone.