Tactical Dog Collar and Leash

At home, in the woods, patrolling our cities and fighting on the battlefield. Your K9 gives you their best. Shouldn’t you do the same for them? BFG thinks so. The same designers who brought you the Vicker’s sling and the Burnsed Socket decided to use real world battle-tested hardware to build the ultimate collar and leash. It’s more than just camo webbing – details like the authentic Cobra Buckle closure makes this a must own for Patriots. Best of all, the collar and leash are made right here in the USA on the same machines producing the slings, pouches and med kits in use with America’s elite.  Pre-Order Only, Ships 2 weeks after placing order

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Weimaraner wearing a camo dog collar and leash outside

Coyote brown Dog Collar and Leash laid out


dachshund in the park


Tactical Dog Collar and Leash by BFG

Inspired by the military & law enforcement equipment made in our factory for America’s best, the BFG Design Team took the best mix of material and hardware from out slings and tactical gear to produce a top of the line tactical dog collar and leash right here in the USA. The collar features an authentic Cobra Buckle closure and the K9 leash uses a quick detach push button swivel to attach to a Burnsed Socket (PB socket) on the Collar.

Tactical Dog Collar and Leash by BFG
Best Dog Collars

Best of the Best Dog Collars

Each component of the dog collars to leashes is the real deal. No cutting corners, no “look alike” or light duty parts, these are the same components put into every other BFG product for our military. The leash and collar webbing is Invista Solution CORDURA® Webbing, found on all BFG’s weapon slings just as issued to every US Marine. The same Quick Detach Swivel and Burnsed Socket from the Vicker’s 221 Combat Application Sling allows for fast attach and detach of the leash to the collar. An additional steel D-Ring collar attachment point allows for clipping in a leash, lead or other retention device. Additionally, there is a nylon Triglide and COBRA buckle on the collar to allow for adjustable sizing and easy removal of the collar. Made in the USA.

Dog Leash with Quick Detach Push Button and Burnsed Socket

The similarities between the Vickers Push Button Sling and the tactical dog leash are intentional. Same designers, same materials, same factory. The Vickers Sling™ is used by the US Military (standard issue for the USMC), multiple SOCOM units, federal agencies, police officers and discerning sportsmen domestically and worldwide. If they trust our sling to secure their firearms, we are confident you can count on our collar and leash to secure your furry friend. A key feature is the Quick Detach swivel and Burnsed Socket interface. No longer do you need to fight a twisted leash whether you are going just down the block or over some foreign mountain range. Secure, tangle free, low profile and quick detach. The same features found in our slings.

Dog Leash with Quick Detach Push Button
Dog Leash with Quick Detach Push Button

The Real Deal for your Dog

Pictured here is a Vickers Sling using all the same parts for the leash and collar on an M4A1 Carbine. That's the real deal for you Dog. 

M4A1 Carbine using Vickers Sling

The COBRA Buckle on the Collar

The COBRA buckle collar closure is a safe, load bearing buckle that is individually load tested to over 2,400 pounds of force. Used on battle belts , climbing gear and numerous other critical functions you can be ensured it is up to the task of retaining your Fur Missile regardless of how hard he pulls.

The COBRA Buckle on the Collar
Camo Dog Collar and Leash Kit on Weimaraner

Camo dog collars Not Your Thing?

If your companion just isn’t into MultiCam, the BFG dog collar and leash is also available in wolf gray, coyote brown and black.

Dog being walked in park on a sunny day
Detail of leash attached to collar

Walk with Style

Sold as a kit, your collar and leash will always match because looking good is half the battle.

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Leash and collar attached in brown


Collar Size

13.5" - 20"

Leash Length

73" long 1"wide


Push Button / Burnsed Socket


Invista Solution CORDURA® webbing
Aluminium and brass and phosphated / machined steel

Download Spec Sheets

Dog Collar & Leash: PDF and Power Point


Cage Code: 3X9S8 | Duns Number: 152028291

Detail of leash attached to collar

Made in the USA

As with all Blue Force Gear products, the Dog Collar & Leash is made with excellence in the USA, is Berry Compliant, and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

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The Dog Leash & Collar by BFG

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